DIY | Open Front Abaya | Maxi Cardigan

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Nadira037 | DIY Open Front Abaya | Maxi Cardigan

Hey Material Girls! Finally a NEW tutorial! Thank you guys so much for being patient with me. I had a nice system in place and I was on a roll with weekly videos. Then my baby girl started kindergarten and everything changed. I mean everything, but now I've got it under control. We've got our new schedule going strong and I will be back to weekly videos!  Enough about my life, lets talk about why you're here. This open front abaya, right?

 This style of abaya, which can also double as a maxi cardigan, has been my most requested DIY lately. The great thing is it's pretty simple to make once you have your pattern pieces drafted. You can trace your pattern directly on your fabric but why not make a pattern so you have it ready to go and make again? 

Nadira037 | Open Front Abaya

Material & Measurments

Abaya Fabric | Light Weight Polyester 
Lace Trim | Black Fancy Lace 

For my abaya/cardigan I used 4.5 yards of fabric and 4.25 yards of the lace trim. The amount of fabric needed will vary based on your measurements. You can make this out of just about any fabric but I would suggest a light weight woven fabric to give it a nice flow. You may also need invisible thread to sew the lace trim down and wonder tape. 

I have a full video here about the wonder of Wonder Tape. Check out it, wonder tape can make almost any sewing project easier. Since I used a lining fabric that is a touch on the slippery side it served two purposes for me. One it held my fabric together and two it helped stabilize my fabric. Can't be mad at that. 

Check out the full tutorial below or click here if you can't see it. 

Have fun with this DIY. There are so many different ways you can customize and make it your own. Make the cuffs and trim a different color, add lace trim to the sleeves or make it floor length for a little extra flair.  Your options are endless. If you try this tutorial out, I would love to see and share. Tag me +Nadira037 and/or use hashtags #Nadira037 #MaterialGirl.

Nadira037 | Open Front Abaya

If you have any other questions or comments feel free to leave them below.

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