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10:41 AM

Nadira037 | Such a Lady

Hello my loves!!! I haven't done a post since last year! What the what?! I've got to do better. So to keep it simple from now on any looks I post on the gram I will post on my blog with all the deets. Nothing too fancy, I'll keep it simple with a few pics and where I got everything from. Thanks for being so patient with me. Love you lots!!!

Forever 21 | Flounced Duster

Nadira037 | Hijabi Outfit of the Day

Forever 21 | Super Long & Wide Maxi Scarf

Vince Camuta | Carlotte Pump

Shoes | Vince Camuto
Jeans | Thrifted (The Goodwill)
Flounced Duster | Forever21
SUPER Maxi Scarf | Forever21
White Tee | Love Culture
Pearl Necklace | Forever21

Leave me  a comment below and let me know what you think of this look. As always feel free to share!

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