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Nadira037 DIY Floral Summer Jumpsuit

Here's a list of the fabric & supplies I used for the floral jumpsuit above. You can watch the tutorial below or click here if you can't see the video.

Fabric for DIY Floral Jumpsuit

Supplies & Materials
100% Polyester Fabric(amount needed depends on your measurements)
the fabric is slightly silky and lightweight
Light weight interfacing
Iron & Ironing Board
Coordinating Thread
A pair of Jeans you like the fit & a non stretch shirt with sleeves(if your adding sleeves) to draft your patterns from
Freezer Paper to make your pattern pieces
Ruler/Yard Stick
Marking Utensil i.e. sharpie, marking pen, etc.
Straight Pins
22" Zipper(coil/invisible)
Zipper Foot
Sewing Machine

I had a lot of fun making this jumpsuit and even more fun wearing it. I meant to sew the fabric belt I made into the sides of the jumpsuit but since I forgot I just sewed the two pieces I made together. If you would like a proper tut on how to make the fabric belt leave a comment below and let me know. I would suggest using a light weight non stretch material for Spring/Summer and if you are making this in the Fall/Winter I would use a heavier material.

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  1. Your floral jumpsuit is super cute for the summer I will have to try you method out. I am actually sewing a purple floral jumpsuit myself but I am using McCalls pattern (6083 view E)

    1. Thank you!, I just looked up that pattern, it's cute! :-) I love all jumpsuits!

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  4. Hi,

    Your jumpsuit is really beautiful. Bright color bring out the flow of awesomeness in the fabric. Floral print is really lovely. I have seen some Bicomponent Polyester Fibre —at Fiberpartner. Once I get some material will definitely try this out. Thanks for sharing. Keep exploring.

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