Wet n Wild | All Access | Summer 2014 Limited Edition Collection

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Wet n Wild All Access Summer 2014 Limited Collection

I know it's been a minute since I've done a nail post. I haven't had a chance to do anything fun with my nails and I hadn't seen any new colors I really liked until now. I was at CVS(local drugstore) the other day and I walked by these polishes, they immediately caught my eye. The limited edition collection includes 6 beautiful colors that range from neon-y to pastel-y colors. I know, I know neon-y & pastel-y aren't words but that's how I would describe them :-)  All of the polish names are based around summer concerts/festivals.

Wet n Wild ManiCurve Pro Brush

Each polish is only $1.99 and they all have the pro brush. I love the pro brush because it makes application super easy. If you're fan of the pro brush like me you will love these.

I'm going to show the polishes on my hand on the left with flash and swatches on the right without flash. The swatch on the left has white underneath and the swatch on the right is the color alone. It's hard to tell but the white underneath does make a difference, subtle on some and more visible on others.

Wet n Wild Coast to Coast

This blue is supper pretty and it takes a lot for me to be a fan of blue polish. It has subtle shimmers in that make it everything! I applied this polish in 2 coats.

Wet n Wild Contact High

Jelly sandwich anyone? This green is a like a gel polish and would be great for a jelly sandwich. I layered this one and 3 coats and I think I just might be in love with it!

 Wet n Wild Beat of a Generation

Talk about bright neon pink, the pic doesn't do it justice! This polish is the most opaque out of all 6. You could almost get away with just one coat but I did apply 2.

Wet n Wild Trippin' on the Boardwalk

I love this lilac/lavender color! It some how manages to be bright and pastel at the same time. I applied this gorgeous polish in two coats.

Wet n Wild A Venice Day

It's super hard to find a good quality drug store/inexpensive yellow but this yellow right here?! Gorg! I applied this in 3 coats and it's def one of my faves in the entire collection. It looks a little streaky but that's just my application.

Wet n Wild Love Me Some Muscles

Here again the pic doesn't do it justice. This color looks orange but I promise it's more of a coral-y peach color. It's so pretty. It's one of the most shear polishes in the collection. I applied this polish in 3 coats.

Wet n Wild Contact High Dupe in Spoiled Permission to Proceed

So which polishes would I recommend buying? All of them! They  all really pretty. Since they are a limited edition if I didn't get one it would be Contact High because Spoiled has a dupe(Permission to Proceed) for it that looks exactly the same. Don't quote me on but I think the spoiled polishes are $1.99 too. You can pick Spoiled polishes up at CVS.

If you want to see the video review(the quality is much better) on my YouTube channel watch the video below or if you can't see it click here

Lets' chat! Let me know what you think of these colors. Have you spotted them in your local drugstore yet? Which if any is your fave? Leave me a comment below and let me know what you think. :-)

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Happy Polishing!!!

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  1. Wish i can have all the nail lacquer cheap ,bright and colorful.