DIY Circle Skirt Pattern & Measurements

5:11 PM

I've done a few YouTube tutorials on circle skirts and I thought I would go ahead and make a blog post for those who are written learners or just to have both for reference. If you're more of a visual learner and would like to see the tutorials I have included a few links for you at the end of this post. :-)

*updates with my circle skirt measurements for reference

DIY Circle Skirt Pattern & Measurements

Start by taking your waist measurement where you want your skirt to sit at. This could be a your natural waist or a high waist. This will be your A measurement. Next divide your A measurement by 6.28(πx2). This will be your B measurement. Then measure the length you want your skirt to be including seam allowance for the waist and hem. This will be your C measurement. Add your C and B measurement together to give you your total length which is your D measurement. This works not matter what size or length you want your skirt to be.

Now use your D measurement multiplied by 4 and then divided by 36(the amount of inches in 1 yard) to determine the amount of fabric needed for your skirt. Make sure that when you purchase your fabric it is at least the width of your D measurement.

* For example my waist/A measurement is 28". 
I divide  that number by 6.28 to get about 4.45. 
Now my B measurement is 4.45". 
The desired length for my skirt is 45"(I'm 6 feet tall) not including seam allowances.
 I add 4.45(B) + 45(C) + seam allowance to equal my D measurement.
My D measurement is 50.95"
Now I know I need the width of my fabric to be at least 50.95"

To figure out the amount of fabric I need I multiply 50.95 x 4. That equals 203.8. Divide that number by 36 and I get 5.66.  Now I know I will need 5.66 yards of fabric to make a full skirt. This is one of the reasons I like to use a bed sheet. I need so much fabric it's usually cheaper and I end up with one piece of fabric for my circle skirt instead of 2/4. Use the scrap fabric to make your waistband.

Cut your initial piece of fabric in half. Fold over each piece of fabric and start marking and measuring. If you are going to add a zipper cut one of your halves in half. You will end up with 2 side seams and 1 back seam. If you use a bed sheet which is one of my fave fabrics(because I'm super tall) fold your length wise and then fold it in half. This way you will end up with only one piece of fabric. You would then cut a slit down once side to add a your zipper if you choose to add one.

A few tips would be to wash and iron you fabric flat first, pin your measuring tape down at the top corner to make sure your measurements are the same all around and make a pattern piece using your measurements so you will have it handy anytime you want to make another skirt.

Thanx for reading! I hope this post has helped. Be sure to check out my YouTube channel for various DIY and sewing tutorials. Including 3 different tuts showing you how to use the pattern to make a tulle maxi skirt with a zipper here, a maxi skirt using a bed sheet here and use it to make a  maxi dress here. I also have a tutorial here showing you how to attach a zipper.

Leave any questions or comments you have below. As always, feel free to share this post.

Happy Sewing!!! :-)

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  1. How to make this skirt from non bedsheet material, ie if i dont find a material that not as wide D

    1. So sorry for the late reply. You will need to find fabric wide enough, try a few online fabric stores and make sure the width is wide enough based on your measurements. Or you could make it color blocked and use 2 o more different fabrics(or the same thing using different pieces that are the same color. I hope that helps. :-)

    2. girlfriend you're the bomb ok I Thank you for you being online to help me get back to sewing but hay your the best so i will be email you often so i can make that circle skirt. Tell me the type of fabric i need to use so i can go out and buy ti asp please tell me it's a knit type i love black and white and greys etc.

  2. Hey! because you are tall do you use the length of the tulle vs the width like you did for your daughter? The tulle I buy come half folded on around the board. How do you get it to maxi length? I'm 5'3 and about a size 16/18 so my hips take up a lot more space

    1. Hi hun! :-) Sorry for the late reply. I do but when I make the skirt for myself I buy 6 yards, cut in in half and use them as my 2 pieces to make one full layer based on my measurements. For example for my skirt I used a total of 18(6x3) yards of tulle to make 3 layers. I hope that helps. :-)

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  6. Then measure the length you want your skirt to be including seam allowance for the waist and hem. denver furnace repair

  7. I am trying to make your Tulle full skirt. Is this right?

    My Daughter's A is 27; her B = 4.3; her C=33; D=37.30
    Linning Fabric = 37.30x4=149.20/36 = 4.14 yards

  8. I only have 3 yds. Of 44" fabric and I need 3.25 yds. How can I make this work??? The waist band is wide elastic, no zipper.

  9. Hey, I am curious to find out how to make a hoop skirt-style circle skirt with a petticoat underneath, since I am a huge fan of Vocaloids and I plan to make the Cantarella gown as well as the Cendrillon gown (yes, I plan to cosplay as the Vocaloids character named Hatsune Miku). Thank you very much in advance