Revlon Matte and Lacquer Balms | Review

8:15 PM

Okay so I know these lipstick are old now and everybody has done a review on them but one more couldn't hurt right? I waited until I saw these colors on sale at Wally World and decided to pick 4 of them up. I try to avoid paying full price for anything. :-) I grabbed one of their lacquer balms and three matte balms. They have a total of 10 lacquer balms and 9 matte balms which retail for $8.99 each.

Each picture shows the color in natural light without a flash on the top and below is the color with a flash. Overall I like them but two of them stand out as my absolute faves. Shameless hands down is my favorite out of all four. The color is super opaque and the application was smooth and even(for the most part).

Revlon matte balm | Shameless

Provocateur is my second fave mostly because I'm a sucker for a red lipstick. Click here for my 5 fave affordable red lippies. This is one of the lacquer balms. Application was easy & smooth. It's a very pretty, shinny cool red color.

Revlon Lacquer Balm | Provocateur

I'll end with my least two favorites Unapologetic and AudaciousUnapologetic is a really pretty bright pink which I love but it's not as smooth and the coverage is a little spotty.

Revlon matte balm | Unapologetic

Below is Audacious which I have to say is my least favorite color. It looks like it would be a really pretty bright orange color but it's more of a coral color. The application on this one was the worst of of all four. It was also spotty and dry which is definitely not what I look for in a balm. 

Revlon matte balm | Audacious 

 As I said in the beginning, overall I'm happy with them. I got the longest wear from Shameless with the rest not lasting as long. If I were to suggest any worth purchasing it would definitely be Shameless and Provocateur.

I would love if you left a comment below letting me know what you think of these colors. If you have a favorite Revlon matte/lacquer balm please let me know below. As always feel free to share and thanx for reading.

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